There’s something to be said for longevity in this business. I don’t know if it’s the ultimate proving ground for a DJ’s sound, but it’s certainly one criteria – it’s hard to think of a DJ sticking around for several decades, after all, just because he’s “nice”.

Steve Fabus of San Francisco is one of the few club DJs whose career spans almost the entire history of the profession and art form itself. He has played at legendary clubs in classic eras of disco and house including the Trocadero Transfer and I-Beam in San Francisco, Tracks and River Club in NYC, Does Your Mama Know and Probe in LA, up to the present time where he is a co-resident (with Sergio Fedasz) at Go BANG in San Francisco.

Michael Fichman wrote this excellent interview with Steve; here’s another from about Steve’s incredible story.

You can reach Steve Fabus via:

Facebook | SoundCloud | Mixcloud

Thank you so much to Steve (and to Sergio for the suggestion)! And if you enjoy the mix, let him know!