5 Mag welcomes One A aka Gehno Aviance for 5 Mag’s latest cover mix.

One A aka Gehno Aviance is a DJ and producer with deep, deep roots in America’s electronic music scene. Born in Spain, Gehno began DJing in 1992, earning recognition at raves and events including Ultraworld (Baltimore), Buzz (Washington DC) and played an instrumental role in the Snowball Collective, “orchestrating some of the most prominent underground events” in the DC area. Gehno transitioned to San Francisco in 1998, and more recently to the country of their birth, Spain. We’re delighted to spotlight this multifaceted and fascinating artist for this issue’s cover mix.

“This mix is all original music that I created over the last year,” Gehno says. “During the pandemic, I had a health episode that almost killed me! At the time, I was running the weekly party Housepitality but had to step down. Two months later, my father passed away. In all honesty, I didn’t think I would be DJing or making music again. This mix is a reminder for me to stay strong and keep on keepin’ on and to put myself out there and let the universe take care of whatever I can’t control.”

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