vincentfloydRush Hour in Amsterdam has scooped the world again with a gorgeous selection of tracks from a name we haven’t heard from in awhile: Chicago’s Vincent Floyd.

Moonlight Fantasy is the name of the compilation of previously unreleased tracks Vincent made from the early- to mid-’90s; the vinyl EP dropped in January from the Dutch record store’s label affiliate.

Moonlight Fantasy reveals a selection of Vincent Floyd’s previously unreleased classics, mastered from the original DAT tapes.

And coming up in February is the CD release of Moonlight Fantasy, with four bonus tracks included in the 30 minute mix below.

These tracks “were influenced by a fascination with astronomy and the serene beauty of the universe,” Vincent – whose day job has him teaching music in schools – told 5 Magazine. “There is a combination of beauty and energy that Deep House Music has, and the bass lines, pads, and melodies of these tunes fall within the realm of that genre. But I think music in general should contain beauty or some reflection of life.”

The tracklisting and additional notes from Vincent Floyd follows:

Podcast Tracklisting:

1. Dark Matter
2. Illusions
3. Lunar Moods
4. Imaginary Voyage
5. Dawn Notes
6. I Dream You

(Rush Hour will re-issue Vincent Floyd’s Dance Mania classic “I Dream You” later in 2015.)

Of the tracks here, Vincent Floyd had this to add:

“Dark Matter” makes up most of the universe; like music, dark matter is everywhere but invisible. Not everything in life is at it appears, something’s and people are “Illusions” of what they would prefer to be. “Lunar Moods” was created on a day when the moon appeared especially close to the Earth. The first major true love of my life is my daughter Dawn – “Dawn Notes” is for her. “I Dream You” is from my second Dance Mania release, it’s for those we dream about.

Moonlight Fantasy is available now on vinyl from Rush Hour; the CD featuring the bonus tracks will be released in February.


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