Andrew Gowdy

Police made more than a quarter million arrests for marijuana in 2022 according to the FBI's crime database, an increase over the previous year.
DJs and producers and others pooling storage were violating TOS all along.
Festival goers were blamed for malfunctioning robotaxis that blocked San Francisco streets as Outside Lands festival emptied out Friday night.
An influential legislator in the European Parliament calls streaming platforms "unbalanced" when it comes to paying artists.
Three weekend-long events for the Berlin event will follow a ten track compilation from some of the friends, family & honored guests from the label out June 23.
French company Focal's Bathys wireless headphones with noise cancellation features are priced to challenge Apple for the HiFi mobile market.
Audulus is a very flexible synthesizer programming environment. It’s a toolbox for creating your own synthesizers, sound effects, filters - anything that has to do with creation or manipulation of sound
AI-based sampling apps are proliferating but the music industry is sharpening their knives.
Even with the most basic, out-of-the-box settings, I’ve never heard anything as odd and freaky from a reverb plugin as what I made from passing simple chords through the reverbic chaos of Other Desert Cities.
Chinese brand Donner's first synth is an inexpensive remake of the classic Roland TB-303. Is it worth it?
5 Mag reviews SpaceFields, a fascinating and useful app for making pulsating, rhythmic sound structures in deep reverb space.
Fire officials originally listed a nearby nightclub as the scene of the incident. The victims were listed in serious to critical condition.
Axel Acosta was 21 and Brianna Rodriguez was 16 when they were killed in the mayhem of Houston's AstroWorld festival.
Vic Mensa & Towkio's 93 Boyz overcame "hurdle after hurdle" to launch pre-rolled joints in Chicago dispensaries.
An auspicious premiere for this techno documentary of "mismanaged success, damaged friendships, ascendant beats & raw inspiration" in 1980s Detroit.
A new bill awaiting the governor's signature would ban hidden ticket fees and other exploitative behavior by ticket brokers such as Ticketmaster and StubHub.
Tickets go on sale this Thursday March 31 for the interactive trip through the music and life of Prince opening in June 2022, which allows visitors to walk inside the album cover for Purple Rain, mixdown "Let's Go Crazy" and more.
The Sound of Philadelphia documentary will shine a spotlight on the disco soul outfit lead by the legendary Gamble & Huff & Bell.
Surveillance video shows men selling the fatal dose of fentanyl-laced heroin that would lead to the actor's 2021 overdose.
Controversy, Dirty Mind, 1999, Lovesexy are among the reissued on vinyl from Sony Legacy and the Prince Estate.


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