Harold Heath

Harold is a music journalist, DJ, producer, music-tech tutor and all round smartass.
Real Feel Records kicks off with a gorgeous 4 track EP from Toribio, featuring DJ Spinna on the remix.
Riverfront is Reynolds' third release on Osunlade's Yoruba label and comes with a Jon Dixon remix on the back.
Filled with surprising twists and tasty juxtapositions, Theo Parrish's DJ Kicks is one of the strongest DJ mixes I've heard this year.
Hazy, heavy, house music delivered with a light touch on Byron's first solo EP from Heist.
Heavy duty, funky basslines, stripped, taut house beats, a whiff of that cool, detached Detroit musical sensibility and a helping of Chicago jack. It's like the best of '90s-style tech house but re-tooled for the 21st century.
Low frequency oscillations abound on these Greg Foat remix packages from Foundation Music.
UK producer, DJ and live performer Paddy Thorne's Lost Cause Pt. 2 is an album of quality techno-tinged electro and, without wishing to labour the point, electro-tinged techno.
Sub-120 BPM disco-ish, deepish house on Cloud 9, made by Lanowa and released with love by Citizens of Vice.
Four tracks of raw and real deep house from Kyle Hall on Good Hado from Forget The Clock.
Nico Lahs is in top form on this EP of 4 new tracks on black wax from the unfathomably great Selections label.
Medlar delivers highly usable & highly original UK house from Freerange's sister label Delusions of Grandeur.
Lady Blackbird and Crooked Man, much like Rick Sanchez’s Gotron Ferrets, combine to create a (dance floor) monster.
A "low-paced, unhurried, mucky disco-Rhodes jam": Jimpster turns in a pair on superb remixes on Retromigration's wewillalwaysbealovesong release Secret of a Pimp EP.
From deep house to broken beat, Sofatalk & XL Regular run rampant with cosmic jazz-funk stylings on the Afro Quarters EP.
Solar worship with heavy duty MDMA strings and chords on the Holy Sun EP from Makez and Dam Swindle's Heist.
Another great WOLF Music release, this time it's a four-tracker with music from four separate artists.
Part-Italo, part-disco, all-fun: "Music People" from Phonica White is another great and unique Ron Basejam EP.
Celestial B-sides, forgotten tech-spirituals, NY garage, lunar jazz-funk & more on Luke Una's É Soul Cultura.
The first of three releases celebrating Dam Swindle's 10 year anniversary features two new tracks and two remixes from the Swindlers' back catalog.
At its best, the second volume of Big Saldo's Chunkers from Sally C is just raw beats and bass with little sample snippets tucked in here and there they will, I imagine, will be hugely effective on many dance floors.


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