In the beginning, DJs played long sets, alcohol was optional and clubs were palaces of decadent kings and queens that stayed open beyond the limits of normal human endurance and dumped their clientele on the street well past daybreak.

That’s the context in which many early House and Disco hits were broken – and it was legal. And it’s a context that’s missing from club life in the States since a combination of bad policing and bad law made last call the best and worst words of the night.

Coming up on November 4, Smartbar is bringing back a whisper of that bleary-eyed ecstasy with an all-day and nearly all-night party. 23 Hour Party People actually takes it one degree further: doors open at 7:00 am on November 4 and run all morning, all afternoon, all evening into the early hours of November 5 (there is an extra hour because at some point in the evening, Daylight Savings Time will pass.) The GMan Tavern next door will also be converted into a “chill out dive bar” with food, energy drinks and a quieter vibe for those that need a recharge.

Headlining are Derrick Carter (playing a sunrise set!) plus Miss Kittin and Detroit Techno legend Robert Hood. With 23 hours, you can expect nearly every Smartbar resident and friend of the family to come through, plus more: Aaron Clark, Michael Serafini, Olin, DJ Heather, Phillip Stone, Garrett David, Sassmouth, Jarvi, Savile, Jason Kendig, Sevron, Jeff Derringer, Sold, Justin Long, Eris Drew, Harry Cross and Pat Bosman.

Tickets are on sale now in what you might call a “sliding scale” depending on when you plan to show up; this chart explains it pretty well:


3730 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL