Often referred to as the golden age of House Music, many gems from that era beg to be brought to light again. And not just for nostalgia’s sake, but because there are actually hundreds of really well written and well produced records that were made.

When John Simmons heard Gant-Man’s Dance Yo Ass Off 1994 mix on Soundcloud, it inspired him to hit his fellow DJ up to collaborate and do a ’90s inspired party.

“The goal of the night is basically to showcase the great music that was produced in the 1990s. When I heard the mix I was like, ‘Why don’t we play all these old tracks we’ve been collecting for so many years?’ Basically just playing all of these great records that have been collecting dust and showcasing the great music of the ’90s.

“Also, the idea is to have guest DJs who made strong contributions in the ’90s, headliners and locals, to give us some of their best from that era” he explains.

John Simmons

In late 2014, John and Gant began their Strictly ’90s parties at Smartbar on Wednesdays for several months, then continued to move it around to venues such as Township and Smartbar again. Some of the guests they’ve had grace their decks were Paul Johnson, Large Records’ Jeff Craven, Frique, Zebo and Karl & Mark Almaria. With such a broad spectrum the genre encompasses (after all it is a decade’s worth of music) – some ranging from the deepest most underground of club cuts to some of the banging rave classics to the songs that made it to commercial radio status – you’re bound to hear quite a little bit of everything. And love it. The party has garnered quite a loyal following and the vibe is always thick even by the first hour.


This Saturday is going to be another much awaited for installment of the successful party, this time with Chicago’s Hyperactive and 5 Mag’s Czboogie at Primary Nightclub. It goes from 10pm till 5am with tickets at $10.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1721030038111076/

Strictly 90's April 2016


  1. As a 7-year resident of the UK and frequent attendee of Ministry of Sound, Bar Rumba, Celebrities, The Junction, The Fez Club – and rabid listener to BBC Radio One: I concur with this scenario. The 90s was one magical decade for House Music. My absolute favorite year was 1997.

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