On Monday October 4 2021, Chicago’s notorious Monday night dance party is returning to Chicago.

Boom Boom Room – the longest running residency in Chicago – is popping up at Sound-Bar. The original event, which began in 1991, was a fixture of Chicago’s nightlife scene and responsible for an alarming share of mid-week hangovers, staffed by some of house music’s reigning nightlife superstars and the best DJs in the world.

Coming Monday October 4, Boom Boom Room returns in a pop-up at Sound-Bar with music by Derrick Carter, Karl Almaria, Bucky Fargo, Just Joey and Bobby DeMaria, with hosts Nino Boss, Charles Jackson, Dom Brown, Miguel Castro, Joanna Smith and David Rivera, door host Jojo Baby, bottle host Ryan Willing and a performance by Mizuko Sparks.

Sound-Bar is at 226 W. Ontario Street in River North; doors open at 10pm. Get tickets at sound-bar.com.