As Movement Looms, Charivari Picks Up Steam

The August festival continues to bring together Detroit's electronic community with unbelievable line-ups.

Movement is coming up, and some have been waiting the whole year for Memorial Day madness in Motown. But another Detroit festival has been gathering steam over the last few years and it’s about time it got more shine.

Charivari has been going on for three years with a rootsy, family feel that inevitably seems to get lost the bigger an event gets. That hasn’t happened here yet, perhaps because the lineup is packed with people who are great DJs and better people. Among those confirmed for 2016 are Mike Huckaby, Kai Alce, Patrice Scott, Delano Smith, Juan Atkins, Rick Wilhite, Al Ester and Keith Worthy.

Staying “Belle Isle big,” Charivari takes place in the Belle Island park on August 6 and 7. Early bird tickets are available right now for only $25 (!) You have no one but yourself to blame if you miss this.



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