Swig comes alive for two consecutive Thursday nights in Wicker Park, Chicago this month as Duke Shin’s residency The Goods celebrates its 9 year anniversary.

The party starts this Thursday, March 10 2022 with special guest Loren (Detroit) joining Duke and Jevon Jackson, who will be playing back-to-back.

Part two picks up a week later on March 17 2022 with special guests the Flying Almaria Brothers (Mark Almaria and Karl Almaria), 5 Mag’s Czboogie and Duke Shin.

Why the two events?

“We’re doing two anniversary parties to make up for not getting to do an 8 year party in 2021,” Duke Shin tells 5 Mag.

Duke says The Goods Thursdays “started in the tradition of the type of curated, regular events that were seminal to my early days. I don’t see much consistency, anymore, in what I still consider to be the heartbeat of local culture and community — neighborhood and weekday events, driven by the people where they live, free of the lowest common denominator programming that dominates the weekend economy.”

“When we started the night, we had a pair of beat-up 1200s, a Rane TTM-56 mixer whose knobs would fly off when it got sticky, and not much to speak of for sound,” he says. “But the bar always supported our efforts, working with us to gradually add CDJs, a new mixer, new speakers, a sub-woofer…

“Our night was always eclectic, and previously carried the slogan of ‘no format, no cover, just the Goods.’ But as our sound improved, our night gradually focused more on house, techno, disco and other dance floor-minded sound.”

Swig builds on what Duke calls Wicker Park’s “strong tradition of DJ-friendly establishments, from Big Wig to Lava Lounge, Red Dog, Artful Dodger, Liquid Kitty, Blue Note, Mad Bar, Danny’s and so on.

“While Swig might not be a regular music destination, I love taking over their bar once a week and giving people a low cost, low maintenance night, focused entirely on the quality of its programming.”

Swig is at 1469 N. Milwaukee in Chicago. Doors open at 9:30pm and there is no cover.