DJ, producer, pop artist, songwriter and vocalist Matthew Dear will be coming back to Chicago on February 18, 2022.

One of modern music’s most multifaceted artists, Matthew Dear released Preacher’s Sigh & Potion, a “lost album,” last summer. Released more than ten years after it was handed over on “CD-Rs passed to Ghostly label founder Sam Valenti IV”:

Preacher’s Sigh & Potion finds Dear unknowingly at an intersection in his young run, a burgeoning songwriter at his most freewheeling and unaffected. Dear reflects as he listens back, “I love hearing how free and raw a lot of the production is. As we age, we get trapped in thinking our output or creativity needs to mature as well. Some of that is unavoidable, but listening to these songs reminds me to not think so much. It’s important to be in that world without consequence from time to time.”


Dear will be returning to Chicago on February 18 at Spybar for a DJ set. Tickets are available now at

Matthew Dear in Chicago

Photo via Ghostly.