Midweek events are lighting it up in Chicago, and in some cases what’s coming on a Wednesday or Thursday night is better than what you can find on the weekend.

Case in point: I can’t speak more highly of Berlin-based DJ and producer Cinthie Christl, billed as just Cinthie and who has made some of the best deep house records of the last several years. And Mesmerizing, out from Will Saul’s AUS Music, may be her best yet:


Cinthie has a hand in a half dozen different labels, collectives and initiatives, and the common thread is all of them present underground house with the best possible quality. Among the labels are Beste Modus, Unison Wax and WE_R HOUSE and her own 803 Crystal Grooves. These and more records formed the stock of Elevate, a record store in Berlin opened “by mistake”:

We opened Elevate by mistake because there was a shop free next to my house and we were looking for a storage room for our labels. If you open a shop and only have 10 records, you quickly learn that you should probably have more, so we decided to open a proper record store.


Cinthie is appearing in Chicago at Body Language at Spybar, presented by React and Spybar next May 9 2019 with support from Garrett David and Alejandro.

Photo by Marie Staggat via fmly.agency


646 N. Franklin St.
Chicago, IL

Tickets: ticketfly.com