In the 1990s, Derrick Carter and Chez Damier formed two of the most influential labels in music history, right here in Chicago. Twenty years later, they are celebrated at home and internationally as two of the true ambassadors for Chicago House Music.

On June 12 2015, we’re bringing Derrick Carter and Chez Damier together – in residence, so to speak – for a special event at at the North Michigan Avenue Apple Store (679 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago) starting at 6pm.

The conversation with Derrick and Chez will delve into aspects of their careers and early history, their approach to making and playing music, the Chicago music scene and most of all what inspires them. These are, we hope you’ll agree, two of the most inspirational figures you’re likely to come across in the scene today.

5 Magazine’s Czarina Mirani will be the moderator for the June 12 event, which will include discussion with the audience. We’d also like to encourage people to come out for an chance to network with their peers in a place outside of a club environment.

The June 12 event begins at 6pm and is free; however, register online at, or via the Apple store app.

For more information, hit us up via the facebook event page and spread the word!



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