Last summer, while writing a piece on Detroit for the French magazine Trax, I kept hearing from all of my 313 contacts about how amazing Charivari 2014 had been. The festival featured a Detroit line-up that was to die for – basically every pivotal figure they could round up that had the first weekend in August open to play in their hometown.

Well, I hope you enjoyed Movement, because Detroit is officially taking another piece of your summer and it’s not giving it back. Charivari 2015 is going big – Belle Isle Big.

Charivari 2015 is being held August 1 and August 2 2015 in Detroit. With a bigger line-up and bigger turnout, the festival is also moving to Belle Isle State Park, the 982 acre island located in the Detroit River between the United States mainland and Canada.


The team behind Charivari released their line-up this week and it’s everything you would hope for from a Detroit music festival – you might quibble at one or two omissions, but this is the real deal, all of your Detroit heroes and your heroes’ heroes. Among them:

Ari Frank
Al Ester
Adam Frasconi
Alton Miller
Andre Murph
Andrea Superore
Aran Daniels
Bruce Bailey
Chris Campbell
Marrissa Guzman
Chris Habbibian
Nothing Elegant
Jay Daniel
Rick Wilhite
DJ Young 1
Gruv: Detroit House Gallery
Iassac Prieto
Jason Garcia
Jeff Woodward
Norm Talley
Father Abraham
Mike Geiger
Felton Howard
Gari Romalis
Stacey Hotwaxx Hale
Kyle Hall
Mike Grant
DJ Cent
Powdr Blu
Chuck Daniels
Jon Dones
Juan Atkins
Theo Parrish
Kid Enigma
DJ Magic
Derek Chase
Thomas Barnett
D Wynn
Deep Session
Ghita Sisters
Eric Johnson
Lena the DJ
Mark Moss
Mike Clark
Mike Petrack
Mike Scudder
Mike Todd
Sonic Natives
Todd Weston
Tom Linder
Tony Dennis
Terrence Parker
Gary Chandler
Teresa Mizzchavez
Delano Smith
Dru Ruiz
Sean Deason
Christa Shrupp
Kevin Reynolds
Charles Hicks
Ash Nowak
Kevin Dysard
Koncrete Jungle
Lauren Vallucin
Sarena Tyler
Soul Goodman
Kid Enigma
Earl Mixxin McKinney
DJ Moreese
DJ Psycho
DJ Seoul
DJ Tone
DJ Godfather

You can find out more at or follow them on facebook and twitter.


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