Crisis Master Blankfein and the Godfather of House Foreclosure, DJ D-Sol.

The kids were clamoring for DJ D-Sol.

David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs and subject of a wide-scale influence campaign is among the names included in the line-up for Chicago’s 2022 edition of Lollapalooza, announced today.

Solomon DJs under the name “DJ D-Sol” and released this massacre of a classic Kool & The Gang track on high-energy musical chud funnel Spinnin’ Records a few years ago.

There down in tiny type you can see his name:

Solomon, as we wrote in 2019, has been beneficiary and Goldman “the likely benefactor of a PR campaign in which his DJing is being highlighted as something quirky, unusual, ‘humanizing'”:

But this isn’t about one or two stories. Profiles or aggregated stories about the “Goldman Sachs DJ” appeared on over 100 websites in 2019 alone, with multiple stories on CNN, Business Insider and CNBC. The dance music press picks these up almost unedited and usually adds a bit of wry sarcasm but nothing that questions why a 57 year old man’s DJing hobby is suddenly the talk of the town. After all, as Solomon tells us, nobody would write about him playing golf, would they?


Solomon was last seen in this parts DJing at a notorious high-ticket plague rave headlined by the Chainsmokers and held in the Hamptons in the Summer of 2020. Promoters were fined tens of thousands of dollars by then-Governor Andrew Cuomo.