This Friday, Tec-Troit – a free, three day, all ages festival – takes over Harmonie Park in Detroit and doesn’t let go until Sunday night.

The festival features local talent from the city, ranging from up and comers to a selection of Detroit’s techno pioneers. Just a handful of the DJs playing this year: Santonio, Eddie Fowlkes, Annie Hall, Terrence Dixon (live!), Tim Baker, Derrick Thompson, D.Wynn, Thomas Barnett and afterparties featuring Kevin Reynolds, Robert Armani, Steve Poindexter, Suburban Knight and Mike Clark.

The full line-up with timeslots for all three days is below. Tec-Troit kicks off Friday, June 19 at 3pm, Saturday, June 20 at noon and Sunday, June 21 at noon and ends at midnight with afters to follow, in Harmonie Park (1465 Centre Street), Detroit. For more information there’s a 2015 event page here and a festival page here.

Tec-Troit 2015 Timeslots

Friday June 19th

Main Stage
3p Mav b2b Vonscene
4p Waturu
5p Mykel Waters
6p J. Clark the Groove Master
7p Craig Huckaby
8p Tim Baker
9p Annie Hall
10p Just Alexander
11p The Sonic Natives

Stage 2
3p Dj Jacq
4p KeV
5p Fauxton & Parra//ax
6p Brian Borsa
7p ILL Fusion
9p Ghita Sisters
10p Dj Holographic
11p GND

12a Kevin Reynolds
1a Darkcube
2a House Gallery

Underground Stage the Afterparty
8p LG
9p Mathias
10p Scott Coleman
11p Josh Quiet
12a Dj Fingers
1a Tommie Cool
2a Peter Croce b2b Dretraxx

Saturday June 20th Revenge of Vinyl

Main Stage
1p Santonio Echols b2b Duane Evans
2p NoLuv
3p Dj Ruckus
5p Monty Luke
6p Rex Sepulveda
7p NF-2 Roach & Ray7 b2b Human
8p D.Wynn
10p Derrick Thompson
11p Gary Martin

Stage 2
1p Jeremy Kypta
2p Krossphade
3p Dj Phatty
4p A. Garcia
5p Sloth Boss
6p Loren
7p Ponchartrain
8p Dj T.Linder b2b Dj Seoul
9p Dru Ruiz
10p Thomas Barnett
11p Dj Dijital

Afterparty Starts
12a Dj Psycho
1a Midnite Jackers DET vs CHI BenzoLive & D3rkin
2a Robert Armani

Underground Stage the Afterparty
8p Dj Skurge
9p Joshua Gilliland
10p Mark Roscoe
11p RayPaul
12a Steve Poindexter
1a Mean Dean
2a Tony Dennis

Sunday June 21st

Main Stage
1p Sandman
2p Biff Tannen
3p Aboudi Issa
4p Dj Lynda Carter
5p GET PHYSICAL (Dj Disc & Mizz Chavez)
6p Terrence Dixon Live
7p Biblical Proportion
8p Sean Deason b2b LG
9p Hotwaxx Hale
10p Jay Denham
11p Eddie Fowlkes

Stage 2
1p John Peters
2p Dennis Cox
3p Stephen James & Errelevent
4p Thread & Dronez
5p Moon Disco
6p Broley & Dr. Strange
7p Sherif
8p Dwayne Jenson
9p Rebecca Goldberg
10p Dj Minx
11p Asher Perkins

Afterparty Starts
12a Suburban Knight
1a Mike Agent X Clark

Underground Stage the Afterparty
8p WilliamPaul
10p Enjoi
11p Isaac Prieto
12a Superdre
1a John Collins