A Gala for the Frankie Knuckles Foundation

Terisa Griffin, Eric Kupper and more at the Frankie Knuckles Foundation's Gala August 20 2016 at the Stony Island Arts Bank in Chicago.

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, the Frankie Knuckles Foundation is holding its 1st Annual Gala at the Stony Island Arts Bank to honor the late and great Frankie Knuckles. This venue has already held a number of events championing arts and dance music, not only hosting lectures but also Frankie’s massive record collection.

The evening will include cocktails and an impressive entertainment schedule: A dance performance by the Joel Hall Dancers, singer Terisa Griffin and a live DJ set by Frankie’s Director’s Cut partner Eric Kupper.

The Gala will be held on Saturday, Aug. 20th from 7pm-11pm at the Stony Island Arts Bank (6760 South Stony Island.) Tickets are available at eventbrite.com.

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