“Get on the Bus!” That’s been the catch phrase on everyone’s lips this past month in a series of videos featuring Chicago DJs in support of an intriguing new event, the House Club Tour.

“Eat, drink, and leave the driving to us” says singer Dana Divine, the brains behind the event taking place on Wednesday, July 1st from 6pm until 12am. The idea had originated with her husband while they were on the Jazz Pub Crawl. After hibernating with the idea for 5 years, Divine teamed up Chicago party promoter and good friend Ronda Flowers, Mac Gordon and Ronda’s promoter partner KoKo Walker to bring the House Club Tour to life.

“The tour is definitely a win-win for everybody: businesses, DJs and the pub crawlers. We are exposing patrons to businesses they may not have been aware of, helping businesses establish brands while providing a historical tour of buildings and events on Chicago’s Southside.” says Dana.

It’s a well-rounded line-up with music ranging from Classics, Afro-House, Latin, Downtempo Disco, Funk and more. The whole event spans six hours across nine clubs featuring eighteen DJs and ten rotating buses that move from one location to the next every thirty minutes. The venues are Norman’s Bistro, Promontory, Murphy’s Lounge, Lemelles Luxury Lounge, Red Pepper Lounge, The Game, L26, Red’s New Generations, Licorice Lounge and Da House Spot. Dana promises that next year Northside bars will be added on.


The House Club Tour event takes place on Wednesday, July 1st from 6pm until midnight. There will also be a party from 11pm-2am at a secret location hosted by St. Claire Vodka. For a complete list of all the DJs and to get your tickets go to HouseClubTour.com. Earlybird tickets are $25.


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