Lots of good people playing good music in the same room.

That tagline can be applied to most editions of I Heart Techno, DJ Microdot’s techno residency at Exit, but it’s a bit more than that as Microdot and Lionel6 share the decks with a pair of 5 Mag faves.

DJ Psycho is Dezi Magby – the greatly beloved DJ and producer and registered madman behind the turntables. 5 Mag had him on the cover in 2015 following an appearance at the Chicago vs Detroit Boiler Room event series, and he spoke of his love of both cities:

Chicago was the first place that I ever went to for a party, a loooooong long time ago – like the late 1980s, in a building near some train depot. Whenever the odd train would go by, the building would kinda shake a little, and you would feel the ground move beneath your feet, but the music stayed steady. I hadn’t started partying in Detroit yet, so it was at that moment that I got it.

Chicago has a very special place in my heart, because of the music, the history, the people and especially the food. Y’all got it goin’ on there. I spent most of the Boiler Room event in a “Chicago House” T-shirt with the Bulls logo, but kept my Detroit hat on. A lot of people respected that and even took pictures with me. I love y’all.


Joining DJ Psycho is Roman Zawodny, the behind-the-scenes but by-no-means silent proprietor of acclaimed techno label UKR. We interviewed Roman about UKR’s history, aesthetic and future last year:

The term techno is very broad. If it jacks, it jacks. You do you, and I’ll do me. Over the last three decades, I’ve had a preference for music produced out of Chicago, so UKR and UKR Special Series is an extension of that appreciation. I’ve been jackin in clubs since the late ’80s and the Chicago acid sound has been an integral part of my life.


You can hear these two special guests with the man Microdot and Lionel6 on Saturday May 11th 2019 at the next installment of I Heart Techno at Exit (1315 W. North Ave, Chicago). Get in before 1am and it’s $5.

Photo by Marie Staggat.


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