Jeff Mills seems to go through phases of extroversion and insularity. It appears he’s in the mood to reach out right now, with his NTS Radio Show “The Outer Limits” marking “The Wizard’s” return to broadcasting and a one-night-only special at Metro on an off-night next week pushing the frontiers of performance to the limit.

On Wednesday, February 28 2018, Mills will be sharing the stage at the historic Metro with Tony Allen, the legendary Afrobeat percussionist in the next installment of their musical partnership. Promising to be “a rhythm summit without equal,” Mills and Allen rely on improvisation and instinct and “neither Jeff Mills nor Tony Allen will know exactly where each piece will take them.”

Allen and Mills will be joined by Ron Trent. Metro is selling general admission tickets for $26 in advance or $110 for a table:

General Admission:


3730 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL
Doors: 7pm
Show: 8pm
18 and over