We all have our wish lists of DJs that we’d love to experience live. Living in Chicago can spoil you, not only because of the enormous amount of local talent there is but also because of the access to so many big name US and overseas DJs that come through.

Karizma has been high up on everybody’s wish list and no one could quite remember when exactly he was last here. Not even Karizma.

What we do know is that the highly revered Baltimore Producer/DJ will be in Chicago to headline 5 Magazine’s 12 year anniversary on Saturday, August 26th. Last year for the 11 year anniversary we had brought in his production and DJ partner Spen, and if you’ve ever seen the two of them play together, then you know the magic that they both create together.

Joining Karizma for the anniversary will be the magazine’s Foundations columnist Del representing Philly’s Do You Wanna Boogie party, along with 5 Mag Editrix Czboogie. The event will take place at Smartbar from 10pm-5am.



We’d like to advise those attending the event that there is an early evening concert in Wrigley Field in the area where Smartbar is located. As a precaution we strongly suggest that people take an Uber to the venue or the Red Line CTA and get off at the Addison stop for easier access!