I haven’t made it down to one of these day parties yet but this one is not going to be missed. Our guy Terry Hunter and our other guy Mike Dunn have been collaborating for … well, parts of three decades now, back to when they were teenagers putting together cannibalized pieces of gear to make their own tracks at Armando’s house. More recently they’ve collaborated on the House N’HD project, like the 2014 release Penny Loafers and a Brick of Rose, It Only Takes A Minute and Samples, Sweat Tea & Red Bulls (from which the top track, “Knuckles Gruve” is taken from).

Hunter and Dunn playing together isn’t that unusual since they do so in front of, oh, 50,000 in Jackson Park at the Chosen Few Picnic every July but this should still be phenomenal to see. The two of them will be playing this weekend at Nu Loft (5923 S. Wentworth) alongside Greg Winfield and Tony T.

* * *

House N’ HD presents Daylight, an afternoon/evening party on Saturday, September 19 2015 with DJs Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, Greg Winfield and Tony T.


The Nu Loft
5923 S. Wentworth
Chicago, IL