Smartbar’s Daphne event series brings together two of Chicago’s most influential and inspirational DJs for a night in the dark.

DJ Psycho-Bitch has been DJing for 35 years, and DJ Lady D for 25, and that’s the origin of the name for 35/25 coming Saturday March 14 2020.

Psycho-Bitch and Lady D will be playing the entire night (seven hours) b2b on four turntables.

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“I used to watch Psycho & Teri Bristol with pride as two women who commanded the dance floors at Crobar and Shelter,” Lady D said in a release. “They were two of the most revered DJs in the city playing for thousands of people nightly. When I began playing out, I asked them if they would mentor me and they agreed.”

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(The image above is an homage by photographer Lori Sapio to the Warhol X Basquiat Exhibition poster for the Tony Shafrazi and Bruno Bischofberger Gallery. The poster can be found at