Smartbar has announced their second annual all day/all night jam.

23 Hour Party People will take place on November 3 starting bright and early at 7am, and leading until 5am on November 4 (which is also Daylight Savings Day, so you get an extra hour at 2am). DJs on the bill include Smartbar residents and regulars plus a sunrise set from Rahaan. The other DJs, in alphabetical order: Ariel Zetina, The Black Madonna b2b Olin, Eris Drew, Garrett David, Harry Cross, DJ Heather, Jeff Derringer, Justin Aulis Long, Michael Serafini, Phillip Stone, Sassmouth, Savile, Sevron and Sold.

Metro upstairs will serve as a “Chill Out Room” in a nice nod to the days of all-night raves, with music by Audio Jack, Chris Widman, JS Alvarez, Katzenmusik, King Tony, Kobe Dupree (live), Hi-Vis and Red Tailed Hawk Luna.

“This party is inspired by some of the European clubs that are routinely open for days at a time, as well as the US underground’s marathon parties,” Smartbar Talent Buyer Jason Garden said. “Instead of having to cross an ocean or put together a party in a rickety warehouse, you just set an alarm, eat a hearty breakfast, and head to a place you know and trust to be safe, reliable, affordable, and, most of all, fun. There’s a special kind of magic in not thinking too much about when the music will stop; in knowing that if you’re tired, you grab an energy drink and a bite to eat and come back to more great music.”


Door charges for this event vary depending on when you arrive and “all entry, for advance ticket holders or otherwise, will be based on capacity (i.e. never guaranteed).” Tickets are available at; for more info visit


3730 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL