Next Time For 45: It was 33 and a third years ago (July 1982) that Joe Shanahan opened Smart Bar. From Frankie Knuckles and Joe Smooth to outré figures like future MIT Media Lab head Joi Ito (one of the most widely respected thinkers in the world today, Ito used to spin Industrial), nearly everyone that can claim a direct lineage from Chicago House Music has played at Smart Bar, with few exceptions.

On November 20 2015, Smart Bar is bringing some of those folks back home for the 33 1/3rd Anniversary. This is an all-building event, so Metro will be open as well for Mark Farina, Colette, DJ Heather, Justin Long, Michael Serafini and Garrett David.

Tickets are available now from



3730 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL
Open: 10pm-late

$25 Advance, $30 Door / 21 & Over / Doors: 10PM (11PM for Metro) / Show: 10PM (11PM for Metro)