Next Wednesday night, Spybar hosts you are here, an event so cosmic it can only be described in rapturous prose poems:

you are here. in your own mind, in chicago, on planet earth, and part of the milky way. this is just a dance party, for everyone, together and apart. we will honor the past, celebrate the present, and anticipate the future. all you have to do is show up.


On March 13, you just have to show up before midnight with RSVP for free entry.

On March 13, you just have to show up between 10pm and 4am to hear DJ Heather, Samone and Shmoo.

On March 13, you should be at 646 N. Franklin Street in Chicago. And you will be there, at you are here.

Here’s a mix of our friend Cranberry & Vodka opening last month’s you are here: