While parties that happen in busy metropolitan areas are often talked about and recognized, it’s the smaller out of the way places where budding scenes thrive. Less people, less options make for a more appreciative crowd that seeks out the kind of music that we love. After all, not everyone can make it out to a major city every weekend (or week night for that matter) just to get a few hours in of house music.

My favorite gigs have always been at the smaller places, because it feels more authentic. You have an audience that is having fun and dancing, which is way more enjoyable and “real” than a more seasoned and jaded crowd.

There’s an awesome House music monthly that is happening exactly in the space between Chicago and Milwaukee in a town called Johnsburg, Illinois. Held at a bi-level venue smack dab by the water called China Bar, this is where the party is at on a Saturday. Owner Charlie Kim is effusive in his love for house music, and is a promoter’s dream boss.

all photos by Sarah G. Jordan Photography

Bryan Lerche and Bryan Edwards launched their monthly party Revival in December of 2017, drawing inspiration from Chris Capcik’s highly successful Housebroken shows which also brought in Chicago DJs. Guests have included Diz, Shadow People from Milwaukee, RUBB Sound System, The Flying Almaria Brothers, Czboogie and this coming week T. Mixwell.

Revival’s next party is Saturday June 30th and features T. Mixwell along with support from resident Bryan Edwards, Patrick Wayne and Angel Eyes. China Bar is at 3312 Chapel Hill Rd, Johnsburg, Illinois.

photos by Sarah G. Jordan Photography


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