Tortured Soul is probably the pre-eminent live House Music act in the business right now. This is not a controversial statement: they’ve been carrying the torch for the last decade, eschewing easy DJ sets for live shows criss-crossing the United States and the world.

And the music just gets better. There was “Makin’ Me Better” and what is definitely their biggest record of the year – “U Live 2 Far Away,” released as a single last week featuring remixes from Ron Trent, Tortured Soul alumni JKriv and more.

And they’ll be back again sooner than you think. Seemingly determined to play every venue in Chicago, this time Tortured Soul will be playing House of Blues in Chicago on April 14 2017 with DJs David Sabat & 5 Mag’s Czboogie.

For free tickets to this show go to this link:


House of Blues
329 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60654