Sneak Peek of the New Wax Trax! Documentary

This Saturday, April 1, the Vic Theatre is hosting a pair of panel discussions and private test screenings for Industrial Accident, the long-awaited documentary about Chicago label Wax Trax!

This Saturday, April 1st, the Vic Theatre will host a pair of panel discussions based upon and screenings of Industrial Accident, the new and long awaited documentary about Chicago’s iconic Industrial label and record store, Wax Trax!

The two panel discussions feature artists associated with Wax Trax! and the Industrial scene in general, including Jello Biafra, Groovie Mann, Buzz McCoy, Richard 23, Patrick Codenys and more (full line-ups are below).

General admission to each panel is $20, but includes “complimentary admission” to a private test screening for Industrial Accident running immediately after the panel. And also a poster. So there’s that.

Tickets are available at

Event Information

April 1: A Special Wax Trax! Event with Artists, Staff and Family Discussing the History of the Chicago Store, Label, and Music Presented in the Upcoming Wax Trax! Documentary

Session I:
Documentary Test Screening: 2:30p
Panel Session and Q&A: 4:30p
Panel includes: Jello Biafra (LARD), Groovie Mann (TKK), Buzz McCoy (TKK), Steve Knutson (Wax Trax Denver), Andy Wombwell (Wax Trax), Larry Crandus (Wax Trax), Julia Nash (Wax Trax)

Session II:
Documentary Test Screening: 8:30p
Panel Session and Q&A: 10:30p
Panel includes: Richard 23 (Front 242), Patrick Codenys (Front 242), Paul Barker (Lead Into Gold), Chris Connelly (X-Revolting Cocks), Sean Joyce (Wax Trax)


The Vic Theatre
3145 N. Sheffield
Chicago, IL

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