Every few years, another European label “re-discovers” another “lost” Chicago guy and anoints him with the title of “forgotten founding father” of House Music, or some such.

Someday they’re gonna come back around to “re-discovering” a man that’s never stopped working. Andre Hatchett’s recordings are few – “I made a couple of them back in the ’80s,” he told 5 Magazine in 2006, “but I don’t have that desire to be in the studio. It just takes too damn long.”

But a DJ down to his marrow, Andre works more, and with far more joy, than practically anyone else on the scene.

If you want to see what a real DJ’s DJ is like when he’s working, Andre will be playing Friday, February 6 2015 at this month’s first installment of Wired Fridays, the City of Chicago’s downtown daytime dance party at the Chicago Cultural Center sponsored by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.



Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington/Randolph Square
Chicago, IL