A loft party holds a special place in our hearts. Away from mainstream club sounds (and often corporate pressures), it’s allowed to thrive in its own eclecticism.

“Since most lofts are so segregated (obscure techno, Housepit House, Rituals TechHouse, etc.), we’re aiming at talent harder to define” for his new loft party series, Duke Shin says.

Duke along with partner Marty Mars make up WHERE YA AT? (WYA), and they’re all about “placing unique DJ talent in artist loft spaces for that perfect vibe we all know is so elusive in standard club-land, and we’re doing all we can to make this event a success and the first of events to come.”

Their launch event will take place on Friday, March 29th and will feature headliner Tim Sweeney from Beats in Space radio show NYC, special guests Chess Hubbard and Dial Jess along with residents Duke and Marty.

The Beats in Space radio series is now on its 20th year, and to celebrate Tim Sweeney is touring the globe. He’s famed for his longer and more diversified sets, and he’s already done gigs at Night Moves London, Apollo Club Milano and Concrete Paris. This Chicago event will be only 1 of 3 scheduled US dates, so make sure to catch him while you can.

The venue is in a secret location in the west side of Chicago that will be known only to ticket holders. It goes from 10pm till late. Speaking of tickets, you can get advanced ones at RA.