Acid House

Characterized by the “squelchy” sound of the tweaked knobs of Roland’s 303 electronic bass machine, Acid House was developed in Chicago by Phuture and at the close of the 1980s had become a worldwide phenomenon. Acid is still popular in electronic music with a constant stream of new tracks created both by the original 303, soft synths and gear which emulate the original sound.

Snuff Trax Acid Trips 3 album art

Whacked out acid on Snuff Trax’s freaky “Acid Trips 3”

The final installment of Snuff Trax's Acid Trips V/A series featuring tracks from Larionov, St. Theodore, Halbert, Bocabeats and Boneless One and limited to 100 copies on black wax.
Autonome Acid Unit Dark Prophet Amsterdam Acid Adventures album art

Autonome Acid Unit & Dark Prophet’s excellent Amsterdam Acid Adventures

If the Netherlands built an amusement park dedicated to their history of acid and techno then the tracks on "Amsterdam Acid Adventures" would be the overhead soundtrack for suspiciously fast and highly dangerous rollercoaster rides.

Live Alive: Seven Davis Jr. in the new 5 Mag

There are probably people in this scene with more innate talent than Seven Davis Jr, but we haven't met them. The brilliant producer, DJ and musician is subject of the latest 5 Mag cover story, plus Nick V and the 17 year strong La Mona Paris, Chicago's viral Elevator Music, disco archeology and more inside 5 Mag 214, out now.
Vasco Ispirian Fata Morgana album art

Fata Morgana: live, hallucinatory techno from Vasco Ispirian

The sound of Fata Morgana I is stripped down, raw, playing out how you'd hear music in a live PA - which is how Vasco Ispirian perfected this style of producing techno.
VIVA ACID Westbam DJ mixtape

VIVA ACID presents DJ Westbam 96 Inferno @ Dolton Expo (RARE)

Previously unheard live set from Westbam, recorded live at Chicago rave INFERNO on January 20 1996, from the VBNTS archive by VIVA ACID's Luis Baro.
DJ Hyperactive vintage 1995 mix

VIVA ACID presents DJ Hyperactive / 1995 mixtape (RARE)

VIVA ACID presents this never-before-heard mixtape from Midwest Techno legend DJ Hyperactive, circa 1995. This mix captures a pivotal moment and time period in the evolution of Midwest rave caught on tape. Unearthed directly from the VBNTS archive by VIVA ACID's Luis Baro.
Viva Acid 2023

Full schedule of events announced for VIVA ACID 2023

Season 3 features a slew of events, workshops and conversations in celebration of the squelch and the scene starting October 5 2023 in Chicago.
Lars Behrenroth Is It acid track album art

Lars Behrenroth does acid on “Is It”

Hands up if you had Lars Behrenroth dropping a gnarly as f acid track for the summer of 2023
Autokinetic Dialectic EP album art

Raw Midwest techno from Minneapolis’ Autokinetic

Carrying the torch for Midwest Techno, Autokinetic drops a rude and raucous four track EP on vinyl and digital from Fixed Rhythms.
Viva Acid 2023

VIVA ACID announces 2023 dates for Season 3 of the worldwide acid assembly

October 5th through October 9th 2023 have been set aside for an array of events for VIVA ACID Season 3, featuring artists including Glenn Underground, Mystic Bill, Noncompliant, Eris Drew, John Simmons, Jana Rush, Houz 'Mon, Geto Mark, Hyperactive, Woody McBride, Mike Dearborn and more.
Paris Acid City Apoji EP album art

Paris Acid City debuts with “Apoji”

Another beautiful anonymous slab of wax from artists unknown to us just waiting to slip into your crate and intimidate all your other records with its fierceness.
Photonz 12 house cuts about nothing album art

Photonz makes 12 house cuts about nothing

Photonz drops an album of spares, rares and sketches as a yummy bandcamp only release for diggers and DJs seeking ultra deep cuts.
Funkyjaws and Friends album art

Funkyjaws subscribes to the eternal truth that everything goes better with acid

The third release from Funkyjaws' eponymous label passes the hat around and collects a wide variety of tracks from friends, who proceed to fuck the shit out of them with reconstructed 303s.
Jerical Flesh EP album art

Jerical’s Flesh EP is raw as hell, cultivated Midwest techno

Five tracks of perfectly shaped techno, grown in the hydroponic lead-tainted labs of Rockford, Akron or Flint or certainly from the blueprint sketched on formica countertops in one of those Midwest stations.

Acid Is Universal: Uyghur duo NONE SOUNDS on “Mad”

NONE SOUNDS are a pair of Uyghur electronic musicians who now live in Europe; their sound is deeply analog - euphoric and quasi-progressive at times and at others staying down in the grime.
Rawfila Acid Intensity album art

Acid Intensity from Rawfila, Jana Rush & Robert Armani

Japanese producer Rawfila recruits two artists from Chicago for a four track acid meltdown on "Acid Intensity."
Dasco Powerful Woman EP

Acid Queen: DASCO hits acid perfection on Powerful Woman

DASCO's four track Powerful Woman EP on Shall Not Fade is an object of art, a record that aims for and achieves acid perfection.
rhythmrobot mix

rhythmrobot – RISE vol 5

30 years of "mostly acid" in a bangin' new mix from Chicago's rhythmrobot for RISE, 5 Mag's weekly mix series.
System of Survival Handling EP

Live techno vibes on System of Survival’s Handling EP

Techno that sounds jacked out of the PA from System of Surival and Fventi.
Liquid Earth Electronic Brain album art

Punchdrunk synth spirits brewed up by Liquid Earth on The Electronic Brain

A nose dive into junkyard synthesis on the new vinyl imprint from Liquid Earth.