Deep House

Deep House is a subgenre of House Music. Originating in the 1980s – particularly with the music of Larry Heard, Fingers Inc, and others – it fuses elements of Chicago House with a more melodic, sometimes soulful feeling.

Marina Trench photo

Earl Jeffers, Gerd Janson and Tatyana Jane remix Marina Trench’s “Imperm​é​able en été”

Marina Trench's Sweet State label kicked off 2023 with a solid EP and this remix EP based on it, featuring Gerd Janson, Earl Jeffers and Tatyana Jane.
St David Timeless album art

Sunny summertime jazz from St. David on the Timeless EP

Groovin is responsible for some of Italy's best reissue records, often with a Chicago house focus. Timeless by Italian producer St. David is what it says: two tracks and two remixes that could have been lifted from a Strictly Jaz Unit EP because they sound that good.
Soulphiction Live @ Bix album art

Local Talk makes a lovely tribute to Soulphiction on “Live @ Bix”

Live @ Bix is lead by a live version of "Bizzness" recorded by Soulphiction and Netzer in 2018 - bass that jumps out of the mix like a boogeyman and chunky guitar makes this maybe an even more essential version than the extremely well-regarded original.
One A featuring Pat Cleveland Legendary Runway album art

Legendary Runway has a story that compels and a bassline that wants to eat...

One A pays tribute to iconic model Pat Cleveland, the Girls from 7th Avenue and the birth of voguing on Legendary Runway.
S. Hoellermann Pressure album art

Classy deep house from S. Hoellermann on “Pressure”

Classy deep house from S. Hoellermann gets a cosmetic makeover for the '90s and, weirdly, the '20s too.

Felipe Gordon & Bengoa remix Lex’s bass-loving groover “Fast Jags”

Greek producer Lex fell in love with the bass and it's a love that he consummates in public with the bass-loving groove of "Fast Jags," a new single on B2 Recordings.
Henna Onna Midori No Basho review and album art

Henna Onna releases the gorgeous “Midori no Basho”

Making her debut with a two track deep house EP on Closer To Truth.
session victim

Session Victim’s “The Intangibles” is a quality 3 tracker on Delusions of Grandeur

When you need a neat deep house jam with an aesthetic that is somehow both devotional and soulful yet feels taut and restrained, then drop this.
LIttlelake Brombert Records DJ mix

Littlelake / Brombért Records Mix ☀️ RISE vol 9

5 Mag's RISE series features a new mix from Littlelake, co-founder of Leipzig, Germany-based label Brombért Records.
Dana Ruh Smallville 59 album art

Dana Ruh hones deep house to perfection on Smallville 59

Smallville packs a lot of sound in a 12" and Dana Ruh packs a lot of energy in this four track release. Different Places Different Faces offers Ruh's take on modern but timeless deep house.
Crooked Man Love and Resistance album art

Love & Resistance is another unsurprisingly strong EP from Crooked Man

9 minutes and 59 seconds of signature Crooked deep house from Crooked Man on Love & Resistance.
Kerri Chandler Lost and Found vol 2 album art

Kerri Chandler mines more gems from the most valuable vault in the world on...

The second volume of Kerri Chandler's archived material dropped in March and it's an eclectic mix of jazz-influenced, soulful, dubby masterworks.
Carlo founder of Aterral Records image

Dos: Two Years of Aterral Records

Launched during the pandemic, Aterral Records is one of the most exciting deep house labels to emerge this decade. In a little more than two years, Aterral has released a crate's worth of outstanding material amplifying a certain strain of deep house - those warm, richly textured deep grooves that leave behind a trace of spiritual resonance in the air. They call it "deep, life-affirming house, two-step and minimal," and that's what it is.
The Aquatic People A Dancer's Guide album art

#ListenUp The Aquatic People: A Dancer’s Guide

Elegant but stirring deep house from The Aquatic People on A Dancer's Guide, a handbook for deeper living from Paille Records.

The essential Karizma in 10 tracks

An impossible task but 10 tracks make for a fine vol 1 in an r2 records collection called Karizma Klassics.
Victor Simonelli photo

Rediscovering Victor Simonelli

Three generations of dance music DJs, producers & fans have been enlightened by the funky, souled'up testament of Victor Simonelli. a new collection focuses attention on his deeply influential early '90s house tracks.
A-Trak Lee Foss Uncle Chucc Free Bruno Furlan Remix album art

The late Uncle Chucc shines on A-Trak & Lee Foss’ “Free”

This is fine, fine work: exactly like you'd imagine a mid-'90s Def Mix remix of the Goodie Mob classic would sound, with Uncle Chucc giving a tremendous performance interpreting Cee-Lo Green's legendary vocals.
Gratts Sun Circles album art

Gratts, Mr. Beale, Nathan Haines collaborate on the bright “Sun Circles”

Normalize artists moving away from Berlin. Start with Gratts. Having an optimistic outlook, "Sun Circles" is framed as a welcome to South Australia rather than a kiss off to techno disneyland, and indeed you can feel the sun's rays on his skin on the original mix of the single released by Be Strong Be Free.
Louie Vega Chimi album art

Disco Forever: Louie Vega honors legends Larry Levan & Patrick Adams on “Chimi”

Sparks that continue to fly from Louie Vega's Expansions in the NYC album, even years later with these tasty extended cuts on wax and digital.
Ron Trent 7th Heaven album art

Made With Love: Ron Trent’s moving tribute to Frankie Knuckles

You have very little time to nab one of the few copies of 7th Heaven, Ron Trent's 2014 tribute to the late Frankie Knuckles.


Beyond Heaven: Discovering the hidden history of Chicago house music

In Beyond Heaven, Mario Luna and publisher Brandon Johnson collect artwork from more than a decade of Chicago house music history, from the early days of legendary pioneers to lost icons of dance music.

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