Born from the sizzling beats of the Roland TR-808 drum machine, electro emerged as a genre in the 1980s as a hybrid of emerging electronic music and techno styles with hip hop, synth pop and funk.

Paddy Thorne Lost Cause album art

Paddy Thorne drops Lost Cause Part 2 album

UK producer, DJ and live performer Paddy Thorne's Lost Cause Pt. 2 is an album of quality techno-tinged electro and, without wishing to labour the point, electro-tinged techno.
Suburban Knight Hi8tus album art

Suburban Knight is dropping his first album in 12 years

Hi8tus is an appropriate title for the full-length from Deeptrax and a producer known for exceptionally high quality and deeply influential techno discography.
Bootleg Contraband I/O album art

Homegrown 21st Century Beat Smuggling by Bootleg Contraband

Chicago noise corps called Bootleg Contraband collect nine energizing tracks for a new album.
Aiwaska featuring Egyptian Lover Imagination remixes album art

Legends abound on Feadz & DJ Assault’s remix of Imagination

Aiwaska passes the mic to electro king The Egyptian Lover on this remix package from Exploited Club.
Strand Resilience EP album art

Detroit’s Strand returns with the electrifying “Resilience” EP

Hidden gems right in plain sight: Detroit true people Strand return on Resilience with DJ Stingray 313 and Shamus Coghlan remixes.

Reissue alert: Gerald Donald reissues Arpanet tracks on “Hydrostatic Equilibrium”

Ranging from ambient to electro, two tracks from James Stinson's Drexciya collaborator are reissued on single-sided vinyl and digital by 30D ExoPlanets.
DJ Stingray 313 Molecular Level Solutions album art

Biomassive: DJ Stingray 313 digs deep on Molecular Level Solutions

The four track Molecular Level Solutions EP marks the revival of Micron Audio with DJ Stingray 313 at his best.
The Analog Session album art

Two guys & a room of analog gear: The Analog Session return on Seven...

The new album from the Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky side project.
D3070 Deep Impact album art

D3070 debuts on Cyberdome with “Deep Impact”

Apparently named after a flamethrower, D3070 debuts with a sizzling EP of electro sounds with a little bit of dirt rubbed into it.


The Sound of Tomorrow: Tom Roberts on the launch of Cyphon...

Freerange and Delusions of Grandeur add a new sibling to the label family. Tom Roberts on the launch of Cyphon Recordings.