Feature stories, profiles and interviews with leading House Music DJs, producers and vocalists from more than 14 years of 5 Magazine.

Latinos In The House Chicago conference logo

New conference spotlights Latinos in Chicago House Music

Latinos In Da House recognizes the DJs, artists, dance crews and personalities that shaped Chicago house from the start.
Nick V and La Mona Paris

5 Mag meets Nick V & La Mona Paris

There's something to be said for a party that is still going strong after seventeen years. That party is La Mona, a gathering in Paris paying tribute not only to house music but also its passion for the art of dance.
Spotify Unsplash

Streamwashed: Big tech, little money and how music marketing went crazy

If there's anything in your heart that still harbors something like love for the music industry, stay far away when musicians talk shop about marketing.
Stacey Pullen at Movement 2024

#Video Stacey Pullen backstage at Movement

What advice do you have for DJs trying to break through? Stacey Pullen on prepping for his Movement 2024 set. #movementfestival chronicles #techno #detroit Follow 5 Mag on Instagram... ...
Elevator Music Chicago

Step Inside: Behind the Scenes with Chicago’s Elevator Music

5 Mag's Czarina Mirani meets the anonymous crew behind Chicago's Elevator Music platform and viral livestreaming DJ sets.
Dames Brown at Movement Festival 2024 Video

#Video Dames Brown backstage at Movement

Czboogie catches Dames Brown backstage at Movement Festival 2024 to talk the trio's origins, Defected and the late, great Amp Fiddler.
DJ Paulette photo

DJ Paulette: Welcome to the Club

Will Sumsuch speaks to the legendary DJ about her memoir "Welcome To The Club: The Life & Lessons of a Black Woman DJ."
DJ Holographic at Movement Festival

#Video DJ Holographic preparing to play Movement Festival

What makes preparing to DJ a Movement set different from any other set?
Chuck Roberts

“The Voice of House Music” Chuck Roberts has died

Chicago house icon Chuck Roberts, famous for the "In the beginning there was jack..." sermon, has passed away after a battle with cancer.
Seven Davis Jr - 5 Mag Cover Story photo

Seven Davis, Jr: “This is absolutely me now & me going forward”

Seven Unfiltered: 5 Mag's cover story with one of the most talented people we've ever met: Seven Davis Jr.
Elbert Phillips photo

Elbert Phillips: Tears

Elbert Phillips & Andre Espeut deliver a sensational cover of the Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie and Robert Owens classic

Entering Dark Heaven

Ecstatically raging through the city’s underground, Prov Krivoshey (aka VORP) and Asha Rahaylia expand their event series into Chicago’s most exciting new label.
Disco Soundtrack of a Revolution artwork

Revisionist BBC documentary “Disco: The Soundtrack of a Revolution” comes to the US

The three part series produced by the BBC is one of a number of new documentaries that correctly re-frame disco from a story of sex, drugs and bad jokes to the revolutionary movement which birthed contemporary culture.
MIyagi Records

Chicago’s Secret Spot: One Year of Miyagi Records

From a pop up in a storage space to a brick-and-mortar record store, Hyde Park's Miyagi Records talks to 5 Mag on one year of building community and creating your very own secret spot on the Southside of Chicago.
Black Eyes DJ photo

Black Eyes: This Is A Broadcast From The Future

5 Mag meets Black Eyes, the Mancunian producer whose label Lost Control 2097 is capturing a certain raw, sometimes psychedelic but viscerally rhythmic brand of techno and deep house.
2023 the year discogs shit the bed

The Year Discogs Shit The Bed

Ravenomics: Jacked fees and chaos brought all of the record platform's faults to the surface.
Ron Hardy Robert Williams at the Muzic Box

New show features Muzic Box interviews & unheard Ron Hardy mixtape

Jacob Arnold interviews about the classic Chicago club the Music Box precede a Ron Hardy mix from 1984 from the archives of DJ M-Traxxx.
Toribio, photo by Guario Rodriguez Jr

Toribio: Public Service

Rodrigo Salazar meets the eclectic Brooklyn-based DJ, producer, instrumentalist and apostle of the dance floor.
Beppe Loda Typhoon Club

Musical Paradise: Beppe Loda in Chicago

You can't write a credible history of dance music without speaking to Beppe Loda. Tommaso Conforti interviews the Italian DJ legend.
Gehno Aviance aka One A photo

Gehno Aviance aka One A: Behind The Beat

Producer and DJ One A takes us from the rave to the runway in a career spanning three decades.