Software and Hardware Reviews and Deals for House Music DJs and Producers

Korg opsix SE

Introducing Korg’s opsix SE

The 61 key version of Korg's opsix aspires to become one of the best FM synthesizers ever.

Introducing Roland’s S-1 Tweak Synth

Hardware for the masses: The Aira Compact polysynth is inspired by the legendary Roland SH-101, capturing the sound of Voodoo Ray in a compact AIRA compatible tweak synth.
Bob Moog

After Moog: The most depressing story in the industry gets worse

A storied company continues to gut staff and reportedly shift product manufacturing overseas under new ownership.
Dropbox storage limit

Dropbox puts a hard limit on “unlimited” storage

DJs and producers and others pooling storage were violating TOS all along.
Velvet Machine audio plugin imagevideo

Velvet Machine is a little plugin that makes a big sonic blur

Velvet Machine is simple but not ordinary. It is one of several plugins designed by Yuri Turov which manipulates a sound by stretching and blurring it, somewhat similar to continuous reverb.

How to play hi rez audio on an iPhone

Want to listen to a wav or aiff file on your iPhone? Flacbox is a cheap, simple app that makes it easy.
Zeeon Synth

iOS synth Zeeon sparkles on the Mac too

The best kept secret of the iOS platform, Zeeon from BeepStreet runs like a charm on Mac and macOS too.
Arturia Minilab 3

What’s new in Arturia’s MiniLab 3?

What can you expect from a $100 MIDI controller? It's small, it's compact, but the MiniLab 3 is made by Arturia and that counts for a lot.
Focal Bathys headphones

Focal’s Bathys headphones are a cut above Apple’s top wireless HiFi noice-cancelling cans

French company Focal's Bathys wireless headphones with noise cancellation features are priced to challenge Apple for the HiFi mobile market.
Audulus screenshot

Plunging into the nerdy world of the Audulus synthesizer environment

Audulus is a very flexible synthesizer programming environment. It’s a toolbox for creating your own synthesizers, sound effects, filters - anything that has to do with creation or manipulation of sound

LALAL.AI is AI-aided sampling that actually works (until the RIAA takes it down)

AI-based sampling apps are proliferating but the music industry is sharpening their knives.
Other Desert Cities audio damage plugin vst

Other Desert Cities is the wildest reverb machine on Earth

Even with the most basic, out-of-the-box settings, I’ve never heard anything as odd and freaky from a reverb plugin as what I made from passing simple chords through the reverbic chaos of Other Desert Cities.

Turntables are basically expensive paperweights now

Since Technics and Pioneer are pricing turntables like they're collectors items, you might as well get the emperor's clothes of record decks - the one that's invisible to the eye and makes incredible promises about its sound

Roland wins $4.6 million in tortuous patent lawsuit

The judgment against the parent company of Alesis covers electronic drum technology and might represent a renewed defense of its technology against product clones.
Spotify Car Thing may be the dumbest product of all time

Spotify cancels the “dumbest product in the world”

Dropped after just 5 months, Car Thing was another multi-million dollar swindle Spotify chased instead of paying musicians fairly
Donner B1 Syn Bass

Acid Redux: Donner debuts with a 303 clone

Chinese brand Donner's first synth is an inexpensive remake of the classic Roland TB-303. Is it worth it?

Making interstellar ambient loops with SpaceFields

5 Mag reviews SpaceFields, a fascinating and useful app for making pulsating, rhythmic sound structures in deep reverb space.
Etherwave Theremin

Moog updates the Etherwave Theremin for the 21st Century

The Theremin - the first mass-produced electronic instrument - gets a modern make-over.

Getting your shit together with sample management tool Cosmos from Waves

Free tool from Waves for managing billions & billions of samples

Your AirPods Are Tiny Bombs

Your AirPods will last longer on this planet than your bones, if they doesn't explode first.


Beloved: Inside the new 5 Mag

An oral history of Freerange Records with Jimpster, Tom Roberts, Matt Masters, Pezzner, Manuel Tur and Fred Everything, plus Chicago house with Black Sjuan, DJ Paulette's welcome to the club, Elbert Phillips on Tears, Dark Heaven and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out now.