Nala is exploring “the marriage between punk inspiration, badass women and dance music”

Shaped by the electronic music underground of Miami and LA, Nala steps out with her new label Mi Domina, exploring "the marriage between punk inspiration, badass women and dance music."
Paddy Thorne Lost Cause album art

Paddy Thorne drops Lost Cause Part 2 album

UK producer, DJ and live performer Paddy Thorne's Lost Cause Pt. 2 is an album of quality techno-tinged electro and, without wishing to labour the point, electro-tinged techno.

Upfront & urgent techno on Jeff Derringer’s “Automatic”

Automatic is Smartbar resident Jeff Derringer's first recorded output in four years, a time which coincided with an economic conflagration, pandemic outbreak and the general meltdown of just about everything that once seem solid and certain.
Being: There album art

#ListenUp Being’s There is here from Apartment Records

An 8 track album of whirling and sometimes psychedelic ambient techno "recorded to tape" thirty years ago debuts on cassette from Apartment Records.
Suburban Knight Hi8tus album art

Suburban Knight is dropping his first album in 12 years

Hi8tus is an appropriate title for the full-length from Deeptrax and a producer known for exceptionally high quality and deeply influential techno discography.
5 Mag Issue 201 cover

With Love for Detroit: Inside the New 5 Mag

The making of God Said Give Em Drum Machines, plus Rees Urban on Dam Swindle & 10 years of Heist, Lauren Krieger on Nala, Ultra Naté, Steve Mill and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out now.
Lester Fitzpatrick photo

Lester Fitzpatrick Is Doing The Work

From Relief & Dance Mania to UKR, Lester Fitzpatrick has become one of the most prolific underground artists in Chicago and probably the world. He's not slowing down. And this is how he does the work.
Fantastic Man Alltogethernow album art

#ListenUp Fantastic Man drops “Alltogethernow” for Kalahari Oyster Cult

Fantastic Man works a sinister, gnarly bassline on a new four track EP from your favorite Techno Cultists.
Fireground Dreams EP album art

Six tracks of earth-shaking techno on Fireground’s “Dreams”

Fireground, a duo from Naples drop a mesmerizing techno EP on Tresor.
Bootleg Contraband I/O album art

Homegrown 21st Century Beat Smuggling by Bootleg Contraband

Chicago noise corps called Bootleg Contraband collect nine energizing tracks for a new album.
Crane de Poule The Forest album art

Crâne de Poule drops The Forest on Integrity Records

Crâne de Poule emerges on Integrity with a spellbinding EP, weaving classical and jazz influences in and out of brisk techno beats.
STL Partial Light album art

Partial Light is a double 12″ of witchy electronic psalms by STL

The second release from Chateau Chepere is possibly the most anti-commercial record you'll find in the racks this month: a 4 track, double 12 inch from Something Records' STL.
Beretta Music album art

SELECT: the Sound of Beretta Music

The first, last, best and deepest deep house and techno cuts from the catalog of Detroit's Beretta Music.
Specter Ironside album art

Specter’s Ironside drops from Angis Music

The machines take over on the Chicago producer Specter's three track EP of deep house, wild techno and computer funk fusion.
Juan Atkins from God Said Give Em Drum Machines

Detroit techno doc “God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines” debuted at Tribeca

An auspicious premiere for this techno documentary of "mismanaged success, damaged friendships, ascendant beats & raw inspiration" in 1980s Detroit.
Kurt Baggaley Line of Sight Bombed out mixes album art

Kurt Baggaley reloads 2013’s Line Of Sight

Kurt Baggaley aka Scape One reboots the dystopian jingles from his 2013 Stem Records EP featuring Legowelt and Steffen Kirchhoff remixes.
Major Records logo

Jubilee, DJ Holographic remix House Amazing

Jubilee and DJ Holographic rework "House Amazing" on Major Records.
Hidden Spheres You Are Not Your Body album art

Hidden Spheres – You Are Not Your Body

The Manchester producer creates a very extended EP full of moments of unexpected electronic euphoria.
John Tejada Sleepwalker album art

John Tejada creates a soundtrack for the COVID era on Sleepwalker

Following up on Year of the Living Dead, John Tejada's Sleepwalker is another terse commentary on life in pandemic times.

Rigenerazioni – the hypnotic electronic sutras of Davide Tonini

Exquisitely produced techno & electronica on this album from Davide Tonini via Detroit Underground.


Searching: Inside 5 Mag Issue 204

With Detroit's Reggie Dokes, Aterral Records, Carlo, Maggie Tra, Demuir, Cyphon Records and more inside 5 Mag Issue 204, out now.
Glenn Davis DJ mix

Glenn Davis – RISE vol 2

Cee ElAssaad photo

Cee ElAssaad: Evolve