Dropbox storage limit

Dropbox puts a hard limit on “unlimited” storage

DJs and producers and others pooling storage were violating TOS all along.

The AI music company shitting up your streams

A single AI music company claims it has created 14% of the world's recorded music and are flooding streaming platforms. Who, or what, is Boomy?

EU might be taking on Spotify over artist payments again

An influential legislator in the European Parliament calls streaming platforms "unbalanced" when it comes to paying artists.

LALAL.AI is AI-aided sampling that actually works (until the RIAA takes it down)

AI-based sampling apps are proliferating but the music industry is sharpening their knives.
You wouldn't download a car

Zippyshare is depressed about its imminent closure and it’s mostly your fault

The mysterious folks behind file sharing site Zippyshare have announced the imminent closure of the site along with an emo message about who's responsible. It's basically you.

How Spotify turned dance music into dance muzak

Streaming has spawned a new format for dance music that's hostile to DJs, and seemingly unaware of what a DJ even does.

Mixcloud imposes DJ mix limits amid lack of profitability

Mixcloud is "not currently profitable" and has imposed new upload limits on basic tier account members, restricting the number of mixes to 10.
Epic buys Bandcamp

It’s Bandcamp vs. Google & artists are in the middle again

Just three months after its purchase by Epic, Bandcamp is engaged in legal warfare with Google over fees on Android devices.

Getting your shit together with sample management tool Cosmos from Waves

Free tool from Waves for managing billions & billions of samples

Computers cannot be assigned copyright & it’s mostly because of a monkey

Despite increasing adoption by music producers and visual artists, the US copyright body affirms that computers are not human and cannot be "creators."

Spotify promotes fan support for artists – to better target their rivals

The music streaming platform is luring livestreaming artists back from Twitch and YouTube by leveraging fan donations.

Your AirPods Are Tiny Bombs

Your AirPods will last longer on this planet than your bones, if they doesn't explode first.
Sonicly homepage

Sonicly promises a fair deal for crowdfunding projects

After PledgeMusic's demise, a new platform emerges, designed specifically for musicians. Will it be any different than the last?
Spotify Car Thing may be the dumbest product of all time

Spotify releases the dumbest product of the year

Did you want better royalties? How about a remote control for your phone instead? Meet "Car Thing," Spotify's latest proof of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
DVS1 photo

Would you give 5% of your DJ fee to producers?

Aslice aims to "equalize" the monetary disparity between music producers and the DJs that play their music.
Epic buys Bandcamp

Bandcamp acquired by Fortnite’s Epic Games

Shocking the industry, Epic Games - publisher of Fortnite and Unreal Engine - has purchased Bandcamp, the leading independent artist platform. What now?
HitPiece logo

Frisking HitPiece, the NFT platform that wasn’t

What is HitPiece, who is behind it, and just what the holy hell did they think they were doing?
Animoog Z demovideo

Moog launches Animoog Z free for iOS and macOS

Animoog Z, the new iteration of Moog's first professional synth launched today and is a free download for iOS and macOS.
Bandcamp live artwork

Bandcamp launches yet another livestreaming platform, and it may be the best

"Bandcamp Live" is rolling out and combines ticketed livestreams, merch and chat on one unified platform.

Reason jumps into the subscription world with Reason+

Reason is a DAW that is sometimes a plug-in and now sometimes a subscription-based service with the introduction of the new Reason+.