UK Garage

UK Garage is a subgenre of House Music and electronic music featuring a shuffling beat, cut up (or “chopped”) vocal samples which are often clipped, time shifted or pitched. Most popular in the UK from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s and related to 2-step, UK Garage is seen as a precursor to Dubstep.

The Beat The Scene The Sound title art

The Beat. The Scene. The Sound.

Harold Heath on DJ Disciple's inside look at "the rise, the fall and rebirth of house music in New York City"

Dear Johnny: a V/A as lovely as its namesake from As You Like It

Pay attention, these are names you will hear again. Bay Area crew As You Like It drop a 14 track V/A compilation dedicated to the late Johnny Igaz.

New episode of Cz’s House – vol 6

This episode is on the chill garage sit back, have a drink, have a smoke, clean your apartment, or slow dance with your cat.
Mikey DJ Mix Rise vol 17

Mikey DJ ☀️ RISE vol 17

Wake up with a new mix of garage vibes from UK's Mikey DJ for 5 Mag's RISE series
dj WOLFY mix

DJ wOLFY! Mix ☀️ RISE vol 15

Wake t f up with a new mix from Chicago house DJ wOLFY! from 5 Mag's Monday mix series RISE.

Settling: Disclosure runs in circles on Alchemy

On Disclosure's fourth album, the lads wind up circling around back to where they started.

New Mix: Cz’s House Birthday Edition (with a parrot)

After a brief hiatus traveling during the summer, she's back! Shout out to all fellow Libras as 5 Mag's Czboogie celebrates her bday with you all in this special episode. Her yellow naped Amazon parrot Julius is co-host. Enjoy!

Lavan drops a deep, garagey groove on Can’t Wait

Lavan drops a dime of pure, unadulterated underground happiness on this 12" garage / deep house EP from +98 Records out of Berlin.

Czboogie Live From Chicago To Birmingham

Chicago meets Birmingham! 5 Mag Editor-In-Chief Czarina aka Czboogie visited the Urban Dubz headquarters last week for a 3 hour back-to-back-to-back set with Jeremy Sylvester & DJ Whooshhh.

#ListenUp DJ Deano DNA: C’mon

DJ Deano DNA breaks a piece off his stash on "C'mon," a single from his prolific Bumpin' Underground
Antonio Hyperfunk Steve Gurley remix album art

Classic: Locked On reissues Steve Gurley’s remix of UKG classic “Hyperfunk”

If there was a Strictly Rhythm of UK Garage (nevermind Strictly's own pre-UKG and UKG-adjacent output), it was probably the UKG clearinghouse known as Locked On. You can play classic sets with nothing but Locked On releases, from Tuff Jam to Dem 2 to Danny J Lewis to Todd Edwards and of course Zed Bias' "Neighbourhood."
Todd Edwards Matt Jam Lamont Scott Diaz Smasher Waiting album art

Todd Edwards, Matt Jam Lamont, Scott Diaz & Smasher made a record together

Slick beats and bubbly organs and they tickle like champagne and these form the basis for "Waiting," a collaboration between a supergroup of UK Garage producers including Todd Edwards, Matt Jam Lamont, Scott Diaz and MC Smasher.
City Road Records

Idle Hands’ in-house City Road label drops a V/A “for all the record shops”

Garage, grime and UKG-adjacent stuff from Wilfy D, OH91, DJ Polo and Sir Hiss on Idle Hands record shop's private label.
DJ Whooshhh mixtape artwork

DJ Whooshhh – RISE vol 6

UK Garage mixtape from DJ Whooshhh for this week's 5 Mag RISE mix.
0161 Underground - Runnin album art

Bandcamp Finds: 0161 Underground – Runnin’

From Manchester and purveyor of deep but energetic dance music, spiked with a bit of garage, drums that will knock some bodies around and vocal clips that will lift them back up.
Lovelydaze Hold On 2 U

Lovelydaze: Hold On 2 U

Whether Lovelydaze is a new voice or one that's just new for you, you would do well to check this out. "Hold On 2 U" wraps up some deep meditative bliss in the parameters of a UKG-influenced track.
Garage Paradise

First London gig – Czboogie at Garage Paradise

Coming up January 21 with Jeremy Sylvester, Ray Hurley, DJ Whooshhh, Lord Byron, DJ MJ, Mikey DJ, CKP, Fevasoul and Onyx Stone.
Stevie Lavinere Bobby & Steve

Garage City holds a reunion to raise funds for Steve from Bobby & Steve

Bringing the tribe back together in Shoreditch London this Saturday Oct 1 with Norman Jay, Grant Nelson, Full Intention and more to raise money for the care of Steve Laviniere, who is in neurological hospital care following complications from COVID.
Steve Mill photo

Premiere: Steve Mill ft. Geraldine: THE MISTAKE (Amalle & Yambow Remix) [True Romance]

Slinky UKG-inspired remix of Steve Mill's fire new record from Tensnake's True Romance Records.
DJ Deano DNA Paradise album art

#ListenUp DJ Deano DNA – Paradise

From London-based garage and garage house label Bumpin Underground, DJ Deano DNA finds a sweet vocal and rides on "Paradise."


Beloved: Inside the new 5 Mag

An oral history of Freerange Records with Jimpster, Tom Roberts, Matt Masters, Pezzner, Manuel Tur and Fred Everything, plus Chicago house with Black Sjuan, DJ Paulette's welcome to the club, Elbert Phillips on Tears, Dark Heaven and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out now.