Clubs come and go and we write obituaries for them in our hearts as soon as we experience one of those late night moments of joy and danger and we fear we’ll never feel this good again. We don’t get sentimental about a farmer’s market or a dentist but nightclubs will always be places we love — even the ones that we hate.

Ralph Session writes an obituary here to Cielo, a club which did not exist in a particularly legendary era — 2003 to 2018 — but featured several legendary residencies, including Deep Space and Roots NYC. The original mix does its best to evoke the history of the New York City club in the mindset of the party people and the artists who lounged there if they were playing or not. The remixes and the remixers are top notch: DJ Romain brings an Afro-Latin vibe with a lively swing; Danny J Lewis does the serious rehab work on a through reconstruction.

Ralph Session: Cielo (totheRockRecords / October 2021 / Digital)
1. Ralph Session: Cielo (Original Mix) (8:20)
2. Ralph Session: Cielo (Original Instrumental) (8:20)
3. Ralph Session: Cielo (DJ Romain Remix) (7:50)
4. Ralph Session: Cielo (Danny J Lewis Remix) (8:26)
5. Ralph Session: Cielo (Danny J Lewis Instrumental) (8:26)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo on behalf of the artist.



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