Join 5 Magazine Editor-in-Chief Czarina Mirani for Cz’s Boogie podcast, with a solid selection of her 9 current favorite tracks (from all genres of music) along with house music news and gossip.

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Show Notes

Going to and playing all the cooler small street festivals and block parties, why she likes playing the earlier and middle slots as opposed to the closing ones, Surprise reveal, who listens to all the promos they get, why is samey Tech House still a big thing?, Gospel and uplifting music coming back, Cz’s big secret is revealed, why it’s not the same throwing parties anymore…

(Shout out to weekly New City which named Cz’s Boogie their Best House Music Podcast!)


1) Live It Up (Sweet Touch feat. Jocelyn Brown, DJ Friendly Edit)
2) Been A While (Johan S)
3) Step & Dance (Sound Solutions, Beloslava, Desy, Mr. M., Mr. Moon Remix)
4) Gonna Give You (Mr. Moon, Desy, Richard Earnshaw, Richard Earnshaw Remix)
5) Hilo (Roog)
6) Hold Ya Corner (Slipmode)
7) House Sensation (CZR, J Paul Getto)
8) I Found Love (Terry Hunter, Kadesh, Greg Winfield; Emmaculate West Side Mix)
9) Save Your Love For Me (Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley)

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