In 1980, Alan Parker’s Movie “Fame” made its debut and at its premier an expecting Linda Clifford was watching Leroy dance to her song “Red Light”.

As soon she saw her name in the credits, she turned to her husband and said, “It’s time, lets go!” That night, Linda gave birth to her daughter Gina. And by the time this magazine hits the streets, Gina will be married and the remake of “Fame” will be in theaters.

01: When you saw “Fame” on the big screen, what were you thinking as you heard your song ringing throughout the theater?

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing or seeing. I was swept away with the dancing, the music and the pure joy of it all. Watching Leroy work that audition to my song was incredible.

02: Were you approached for the remake?

Gurrrl, those producers didn’t contact anybody as far as I know. It’s really a shame that our society has gone out of its way to be rude and totally inconsiderate. They seem to forget the people who led the way for them to have careers at all. Don’t get me started, okayyyyyy!!!

03: You and your husband have been married for what seems like forever, with no signs of ending soon. What advice do you have in order to make a marriage last?

As far as advice for those of you trying to keep a relationship together, you better have a great sense of humor, be each other’s best friend, and have mutual respect. We don’t keep secrets, have a short memory span, never go to bed angry, and laugh a lot.

04: Has your daughter Gina done a Bridezilla on you yet?

Sorry, I don’t do Bridezillas! I’m still the mama, and what I say goes! Just kidding, she’s an angel! That’s why it’s so important for us to give her anything she can dream of. I’ll give away one little secret to you… In the middle of their first dance, I’ve arranged for white rose petals to fall from the ceiling! I’m so excited!

05: You recently did a gig with Joan Rivers. How did the newest Celebrity Apprentice and a Disco Diva come to share the same stage?

The gig with Joan Rivers was fabulous! Her people contacted my people, and BAM, we had a deal! Miss Joan was a riot as usual, and she loved me. It’s so funny but at our first meeting, she seemed a little standoffish, very diva-like. But later she loosened up, and by the time I finished my show (three standing ovations, and two encores) she was my best friend. I love her, and would be honored to work with her anytime!

Interview by Chitown Ronnie for 5 Magazine.