Alex Lawton made his mark on the UK Garage scene by masterfully chronicling it in his 2013 documentary Rewind 4Ever: The History of UK Garage (read our earlier piece about the documentary here).

For 5 Magazine Issue 142, he compiled his lists of underrated, unheralded and unsung music, labels and producers from UK Garage history.


New York Soundclash Records

One of the early UK Garage labels owned by UKG heavyweights Dem 2. Every release on this label is gold. The first ever Tuff Jam E.P., Tuff Jams Vol 1, came out on New York Soundclash, featuring one of my all-time favourite tunes, “Feel My Heart.”


Groove Yard Records

Another label from the Sunday club era. Most Garage heads will know the track “Deep Breath” off the Cheese & Pickle E.P., a seminal tune from the early days that’s still played today. Some mega-rare releases on this label!


Fifty First Recordings

A label which released a lot of Tuff Jam’s early original productions (the label also managed Tuff Jam too). Other releases of note were the Dub Monsters’ (Scott Garcia & Ray Hurley) Monster Cuts Vol 1 & 2 and “Good Rhymes” by Da Click which went on to chart highly in 1998.


V.I.P. (Very Important Plastic)

Not the most prolific of labels but they did release some absolute gems, most of which featured the early work of MJ Cole. Tracks of note being Greg Stainer’s “Weakness” and Daryl B’s “Dub Train” – underground Garage at it’s best.


Well Built Records

Brasstooth’s own label which released anthems such as “Celebrate Life” and “Pleasure” as well as “I Can’t Quite Understand” – a big track during the Sunday Scene era.


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