Adulture on Stripped and Chewed

Starting a new label is nothing new in 2011. Starting a vinyl label is certainly more ambitious. Starting a vinyl label and raising more than $4000 for the debut release before it drops, however, gets my attention real quick and it should focus yours on Stripped & Chewed, a new label launched by Lee Dunn and Adulture.

Consisting of five members, Stripped & Chewed has releases planned from Black Madonna, Bryan Jones, Simba and Ridney. That first release, titled Livin for the City, includes a transatlantic crew including SCR (United States/UK), Broke One (Italy), JNL (Canada), Maxime F. (France), Black Madonna (United States), Ridney (United Kingdom) and Alec Carlsson (France).

“Our first release is going to be a VA compilation to introduce some of the new artists on our roster,” Adulture told me. “We’ve been working on signing the best Chicago-inspired House Music, with a focus on young, up-and-coming producers. So it was an easy decision to feature 16 year old Alec Carlsson’s unbelievable ‘Your Soul’ in both his and our label’s debut music video directed & produced by Steve Teeple.”

But here’s the twist: in scarcely a month, S&C raised $3200 of the $4000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter and has now hit their initial $4000 project goal. “We’re passionate about the Livin for the City project and have worked tirelessly on it’s launch. One of the most important things to us is getting our vision of art and music into as many hands as possible. We’re sending the vinyl record anywhere in the US for only $15 (including advanced digital download of WAV or 320kps MP3 files).

“Our main focus is on our artists: the music producers, graphic designers, and video directors. We hope that our complete package of consistent music, video, and artwork set the label apart from another artist’s label. We’re committed to launching this label with the right foundation from the start. We are proud to be working with a great team in Chicago and the UK, including one of the best local graphic designers and an exceedingly creative international group of artists.

“We’ve already signed about a year’s worth of music, all amazing releases that we cant wait to share with everyone. We really want this label to be about so much more than us.