Closer to Truth is a new label project brought to you by Alex Agore (of about five thousand reviews here) and David Nicol of Hustler Trax.

To launch the label, Closer To Truth is releasing three tracks from Agore as free downloads, spread out over a certain interval. Up now for a free download is “Save The Day,” which you can snag a copy of here.

The second appears to be “All The Time” by Alex Agore under the name “Upswing Dubs” and I think it sounds even better than the first. The download for “All The Time” is not enabled yet, but you can slake your thirst while waiting patiently here:

“If you enjoy the vibe, please spread the word,” says Closer To Truth, and that’s what we’re doing here.

Follow them on Soundcloud, on Facebook and on Twitter.

The first “official” release – a four track V/A comp – is forthcoming.


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