Three singles and each was better than the last. With a flair for melodies and a reverence for the terra incognita where post-punk, electronica and cold wave meet, Rosa Anschütz is preparing the release of Goldener Strom, her sophomore album on BPitch.

Goldener Strom is set to be released in May 2022, nearly three years to the day from Anschütz’s breakthrough EP Rigid. Later remixed by Berghain resident Max Kobosil, Rigid wandered from aggressive drone to neo-new wave, with Anschütz’s supernal and sometimes ghostly voice scaling over colliding tectonic bass.

The 24 year old vocalist, composer and multimedia artist’s latest album builds upon this striking and often ethereal aesthetic. Rosa Anschütz’s lyrics on Goldener Strom verge into confessional verse. It’s maybe the first electronic album I can recall with a lyric sheet, and certainly the first in which it’s actually helpful. (Take the opening of “Sold Out“: “Fist in the fight of the weakest/your compassion/a silver lining in a jar.”) Anschütz’s voice across the album’s nine tracks is by turns shimmering and taut. And like her first album (2020’s Votive) the production on Goldener Strom is nearly flawless.

Anschütz has thus far released singles for “Sold Out,” “Their Blood” and, on April 22, a spectral séance known as “Peak.” The full album is out on May 27 2022 on BPitch.

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