A Chat With Wattie Green …

This Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Wattie Green will be in town as Frankie J’s Flapjack Records joins Gramaphone’s monthly residency at SmartBar. Wattie’s a relative newcomer on the Jackin’ House scene – you see his name on quite a few records, though, from Blockheads, Knockturnal Emissions, Flapjack, Sampled and his own Coyote Cuts.

5 Mag had a short chat with the ‘average law ‘biding southern gentleman’ ahead of the date.

I normally don’t like to ask obvious questions anyone could learn from a bio… but there’s not much out there on you. Are you a former spy or ex-GMan now in the Witness Protection Program?

I am just your average law ‘biding southern gentleman. I’ve been DJing for about 12 years and producing for around 8 years. I play several instruments and also enjoy camping, hiking and caving.

The only “Wattie” I know of is Wattie Buchan from the Scottish punk band The Exploited. Where did the name come from?

There was an Appalachian Guitar player named Wattie Green and I wanted to carry on his name.

Is Coyote Cuts your first label? Why is it vinyl only?

Yes this is my first attempt at running a record label. My partners in this are Hugh Cleal and Steve Rosack. This label was created to offer quality house music on vinyl as well as digital. We have a couple of releases out so far and a bunch more ready to go. Our next EP is set to come out in about a week.

You are undoubtedly going to get this question from every snotty Yankee in the world so I will prepare you now: “What’s the scene like in Tennessee?”

We have several monthly house music nights in Memphis and Nashville. There are also a handful of annual parties and camp outs we look forward to every year. But, I reckon yall just need to come on down and see fer yourself!

What’s the story with the Battle Royale EP? You and Sonny went head to head and it was the opinion of staff here that you got the decision in 10 rounds, but since it was his label, didn’t he have home field advantage?

We have been wanting to collaborate for a while now. The Battle Royale EP is our first project together. It features original and remix work from each of us. We hope to make this a regular occurrence.

You’ll be here next Wednesday at SmartBar – I thought it was a random Gramaphone night but that is not the case as you’re doing something in conjunction with Frankie’s label Flapjack.

I’m really looking forward to this! This will be my first time playing in Chicago! Love the venue! Big smiles and good times are the two products we are currently pushing. See ya soon!