In 1987, a group called Rhythm Controll released a track that would contain probably the most sampled speech in House music history: “My House.” Featuring the vocal prowess of a then unknown Chuck Roberts, the speech has gone on to be used in dare I say hundreds of songs in the next 31 years.

Fast forward to 2017, Chuck Roberts reappears making an impromptu performance at the Chosen Few Picnic during Terry Hunter’s set. That appearance has since created a tsunami of press, a busy tour schedule with Terry Hunter as well as an updated track with Monique Bingham’s vocals.

Here are Chuck’s 10 Commandments of House as he sees it:

1. Thou must always continue to Jack as this allows you to free yourself from the pressures of life through music and dance

2. In our House, there is only House Music.

3. Thy DJ should never allow him/her to be influenced by anything other than what relates to the House Music vibration.

4. Thou shalt always be courteous and kind when Jacking on the dance floor!

5. DJs should always hold each other in the highest regard and treat each other with the utmost respect.

6. DJs are allowed to dance but only in moderation as to maintain focus on the task at hand.

7. Charity starts at home before it can spread abroad, support your local artistry!

8. Reasonable cover charges are permitted but proceeds must be used to cover expenses and continue the House Music Movement.

9. Thou shalt not verbally assassinate the character of others!

10. Thou shalt continue to promote House Music for it brings nations and nations of people together and provides growth by inclusion for all!

Listen to “In The Beginning (There Was Jack),” the new single from Chuck Roberts and Monique Bingham and produced & arranged by Terry Hunter on Ultra Records.