Damian Rausch is the truth. This is the second time I’ve written those words. The first time was in relation to 2021 EP Roots on Monologues — one of several deep, sonorous records the German producer and DJ has released in fits and starts over the last few years. Previously he’d released Watch Me Fly, an EP on The Gathering label presented by Chez Damier which featured a track called “The Heat” which I still consider almost peerless. Other tracks have appeared on the two volume House of Chez 12″ compilations as well as notable releases on labels like Apparel, Mineral and Gents and Dandys.

Rausch has a preternatural feel for deep house. His records are exquisitely produced, but always concealing an element of the unexpected — a chaotic, wild energy of the sort that the DJs covet and the dancers crave.

Rausch hails from a small student town near Frankfurt. He spent days “building beats in the basement at my parents’ house like a nerd.” That’s where we start in this profile of one of the most dynamic producers to emerge in the last few years.

This interview was originally published with our 5 Mag Issue 203 cover mix, which you can listen to here or below. Playlist is available here.


Where did you grow up and what was it like there?

I grew up in Gießen, a small student town near Frankfurt. This is also where I first came into contact with electronic music. From 18 to 22, I was in a place called Muk every weekend, it felt like. My youth in Gießen was beautiful, my best friends live here and I’ve had them for what feels like forever.


If you had to name a single record as your first musical love, what would it be? What was your last one?

I am a huge fan of Bellaire. My good friend Kingsly gave me the record Paris City Jazz. That’s pretty much my favorite record. The last record I bought was an album by Kapote. My favorite track: “Get Down Brother.”


What did you learn to DJ with? With what equipment? What was it like learning to do that?

DJing was actually learned pretty spontaneously. My passion was always more about producing. So most of the time I was standing in the club and then had to kind of get going, even though I hadn’t really mastered it yet. Now I’m getting better and better, I have turntables at home and I know where I want to go musically.


If you were to go to a club tonight, what would you most like to play?

Hm. it always depends. I really don’t want to limit myself to one sound anymore, but I like it raw and classic, vocals can also be part of it. Something between house and minimal grooves. I like emotions, so melody will always play a role in my music.


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Who inspires you? What DJ and producer inspires you to make and play music and do both well?

I’m an incredible fan of KiNK. I like watching him live and breathe music, master each of his gadgets perfectly and just go off!


What do you find easier: writing music or DJing? Which do you think is more natural, or are they connected in your mind?

It’s connected. Before, my mixes were a bit too low and individual. So I make sure that my music is good to put on, that my mixdowns are not too different sound-wise from other music — so just that functionality is also taken into account.


If people want to listen to your music, what three records would you send them and why those three in particular?

I would show them Useful, Roots or Between. I’m pretty skeptical of my music, but those three tracks I really like.


When do you think you found a personal voice, a certain sound in your productions? I think you have.

Thanks for the compliment! I started really early with my DAW and spent days building beats in the basement at my parents house like a nerd. There is nothing better for me. Something between escape from everyday life and absolute passion!


What can we look forward to from you in 2023?

Next year, it looks like I’ll be releasing a single once a month. Including house, breakbeats, dance — everything possible, simply. Among them also at least two features. With a singer from Würzburg and a great Russian DJ and producer who I met on my trip to Thailand.

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