Tell The World He’s Here: DJ E-Clyps new LP drops October 2 2015 but the first single is available now.

Twenty three tracks is quite long for an album (especially if it’s not juke). But that’s the length of 5 Mag friend and Blacklight Music owner DJ E-Clyps’ forthcoming album Tell The World I’m Here.

DJ E-Clyps previously released Flapjackin’ in 2013 and That Black Dude in 2014, both on Todd Terry’s InHouse Records. Unapologetically bombastic, aggressive and in your proverbial face(s), E-Clyps’ style has won over a pretty impressive cross-section of House Music DJs, from clubby and more slick material to grittier, rawer cuts.

The first single from Tell The World I’m Here is out now – “Work (For The Love)” featuring Bridget Barkan, which you can stream above.

DJ E-Clyps’ Tell The World I’m Here is out October 2, 2015 and available for pre-order now via iTunes.


1 Intro
2 Work (For the Love) [feat. Bridget Barkan]
3 Make Me Melt (feat. Bit-O-Honey)
4 I Need Your Love
5 That Brooklyn Ish
6 Famous
7 Pay Me
8 Check Dis House (feat. Todd Terry & Jungle Brothers)
9 Party’s Still Not Over
10 Backstage Pass
11 Drums & Sh*t
12 Deeper Than Love
13 Tomorrow
14 Eyes Wide Shut
15 Principle Pleasures
16 There Is No PLUR
17 Bad Guy
18 Remember House
19 Doom
20 Thoughts of Charlotte
21 Flute Song (A Tribute To Frankie Knuckles)
22 Pleasure
23 Housemuzik